steak crostini

delicately seared sous vide steak, over horseradish, finished with arugula and drizzled with a balsamic reduction


*available with japanese A5 wagyu*

lamb lollipops

lamb chops, seared in a rosemary, thyme, butter pan sauce and finished with fresh chimichurri

fried eggplant

fried eggplant, topped with a sheeps milk ricotta cheese spread and a tomato and basil sauce

fried wings

24 hour brined, double fried and seasoned and finished with your choice of  garlic lemon pepper or homemade buffalo sauce

tuna tartare bites

fresh tuna tartare, served with wonton crisps, etc.

caprese bites

cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and balsamic drizzle


steak your way

specialty ordered sous vide steak finished

in a rosemary, thyme and butter pan sauce

*japanese A5 wagyu or dry-aged available*

lamb lollipops

lamb chops, seared in a

rosemary, thyme, butter pan sauce

salmon & dill sauce

skin-on salmon, finished with a signature dill yogurt sauce

eggplant parm stack

fried eggplant layered with

homemade red sauce, fresh mozzarella, and a sheeps milk ricotta cheese mixture

chicken parmigiano

breaded chicken cutlets topped with homemade red sauce, and fresh mozzarella

sides + salads

mushroom risotto

toasted risotto, slow cooked with shallots, white mushrooms, portabello mushrooms, and parmesan cheese

whole artichokes

whole artichokes steamed in a red wine beef broth, finished with parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs

caesar salad

fresh romaine lettuce, homemade caesar dressing, crispy chickpeas, croutons and parmesan cheese

lemon risotto

toasted risotto, slow cooked with lemon juice, white wine, and parmesan cheese

marinated asparagus

asparagus marinated

in garlic, salt and pepper

and baked to perfection

roasted vegetables

seasonal roasted

root vegetables baked

with a rosemary spice blend

mashed potatoes

fluffy mashed potatoes,

finished with chives

crispy sprouts

crispy brussel sprouts drizzled in a balsamic reduction

garden salad

fresh greens, carrots, cucumbers,

and a white vinaigrette