about us
becca + connor

Becca and Connor are both East Coast transplants. Naturally, they grew up in big, Italian families where everything revolved around great food and bringing great people together.

Throughout the past years, their love for food has only grown while frequenting some of the best restaurants around the globe, expanding both their minds and palates. Their love for travel has allowed their adventurous mindsets to carry into their cuisine and dining experiences. From 5-star fine dining to the best hole in the wall spots, these two are sure to bring a truly unique and delectable perspective to your event.  


With nearly ten years of experience working in hospitality, Becca is a nationally recognized event professional with expertise in food and beverage, event management, and event design. She listens, cares, and will go above and beyond to deliver your ideal event. 
Connor is a tech guru turned foodie (don’t hear that one every day, do you?). His dedication to learning new cooking techniques, sourcing the best ingredients and executing his meals with the utmost attention assures a truly extraordinary dining experience.

With Becca's unfaltering event expertise and Connor's ever-growing culinary knowledge, it was only natural for the two to share their craft with the San Diego community. Enter beckon experiences. They are an amazing team who will do whatever it takes to bring together great people with great food. So gather your favorite people, choose from some of your favorite dishes and get ready for a truly memorable night.


Heather E.

Beckon knows how to deliver a top notch meal. Attention to detail coupled with high quality ingredients expertly prepared is their hallmark.


We enjoyed the salmon and risotto at a special family dinner over the summer. It was wonderful.


If you are looking for effortless entertaining for a discerning palate, I highly recommend Beckon.

Scott G.

Ditch the sternos and clunky aluminum trays! Beckon is reshaping our perception of catering from drab corporate event to intimate, memorable get together. A home cooked meets gourmet approach will elevate any dinner party to a one-of-a-kind culinary experience.


Their appreciation for top notch ingredients and the restaurant quality preparation techniques will leave you pining for an excuse to bring them back.

Donna L.

Ron L.

Welcoming Beckon into our home was one of the best decisions we ever made! For the first time in a long time, we were able to sit back & enjoy time with our guests while BECKON DID IT ALL! 


In a friendly & professional manner, Beckon laid out a creative table-scape, added delicious appetizers, served an outstanding entrée of salmon, asparagus & mushroom risotto and then topped it all off with an amazing display of local desserts.

Beckon’s impeccable talents & attention to detail were evident in the manner they prepared and served this extraordinary meal. 


From beginning to end, and everything in between ~ it was absolute perfection! 

Beckon delivered a top shelf, customized, full-service, dining experience allowing us to enjoy time with our guests. 


Beckon's easy-going, collaborative approach, use of the highest quality ingredients and attention to detail
made it a unique experience for us and our guests to enjoy terrific food and conversation without the typical stress.